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Howard McBroom

Howard McBroom was an activist, advocate, and motivational speaker living in Los Angeles, California who devoted many years to providing support for the disability community. He was originally  from Jeffersonville, Indiana where he graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor's degree in History. He spent many years supporting others through his experience with autism, disability advocacy, emotional intelligence and violence prevention. 

Celebration of Life

We are deeply saddened to tell you that our dear friend, Howard McBroom, passed away on January 19, 2024 from cancer at the age of 68. Howard was a fierce advocate for people with disabilities and was a leader in many disability rights organizations.


Howard wished to extend his legacy by creating a program in his name at Disability Voices United. DVU will call this the Howard McBroom Fellowship Program, which will hire leaders with disabilities to train other self-advocates, family members, and professionals on the Self-Determination Program and other disability rights issues. If you wish to donate to the Howard McBroom Fellowship Program, you can do so here.

Violence Prevention &

Emotional Intelligence

Howard was deeply concerned about the normalization of mass murder in our society and wrote about the mass-shooting epidemic in his blogs. In his videos, he talked about using emotional mentoring to help prevent acts of violence and mass shootings in the future.


Autism Activism & 

Disability Advocacy 

Howard was a long time advocate for the autism and disability communities. As an Ambassador for Eastershield, he spoke at conferences, met with political officials and taught advocacy classes to help individuals gain confidence speaking up for themselves and self-advocating.

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