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An Alternative to Hate

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

This is the truth that must be said: Hate is not your strength and power. Hate is your disability and it is the worst disability of all because it cuts you off from acquiring the high- level emotional skills which alone can give you a better life. In that, it is important for you to know it is the gun is not your answer. That is the only thing that really matters. The gun is not your answer. I can tell you this right now: successful people- any kind of successful people– do not navigate the world with this kind of hate. They do not have to, they are capable of handling the world in a far richer, more complex way with high- level emotional skills. It is this emotional set of skills that you need to acquire, not the power of a gun. If you are a pathetic loser, a twisted hero, a man who is rejected by women, the reason is not that the world is against you. The reason is that you do not have the emotional skills necessary to navigate the world the way winners and successful people do. These skills can be acquired. They are not acquired at the local gun shop. Period. You should know that it will never get easier for the loved ones and families of the victim and that the only way they will ever be able to move forward is to work to save lives. You should also know that these shootings are destroying the hope of America and the world. It is impossible to overestimate the moral, psychological, and the spiritual impact of these shootings on the psyche of the American people. It is literally ripping apart the guts of our nation and destroying the faith of the American people in the good future for themselves. It is killing the hope of the world and children. It is incredibly demeaning and degrading to send your children off to school knowing that at any moment they can fall victim to a mass shooting. Nobody can like this this. It does no good to know equality with men and be the first woman astronaut on Mars to be shot to do death by a hate-crazed lunatic with a gun who has no other doors open to him. The freedom to be murdered in a mass murder spree is no freedom at all. People will vote their hard-won freedom away if that is the alternative. The basic problem is that these people do not have the emotional skills to navigate the world effectively as successful, self-confident people. These skills will have to be taught to them. Let me explain how this can be done. We need an early-warning system first of all. We need to educate people to recognize symptoms and to report them when they make threats a start buying an arsenal of weapons. Then we need to educate therapists in how to help these people. It does no good to send them to get help if people don’t know how to help them. I believe in mentoring and role-playing. We will need to have them role play how they attract women and share them how this is done. Most of them do not have the slightest idea how to attract women or anything else. This will take a lot of practice and life coaching and skill teaching by trained professionals who are specialists trained in this area. What you need to say to them is, “Here is what you are doing wrong… here is how you can attract women and get dates.” Role play and practice dating follow the same for everything else. If they have the effective emotional skills they are going to be virtually helpless no matter how smart or knowledgeable or technically proficient they might be. The doors will remain closed and if the doors are closed there is simply no reason for them NOT to pick up a gun and start shooting. Better to die free and die fighting than live a lifetime of failure and defeat and rejection. I understand that doesn’t have to happen. There are better answers than hate and the power of a gun. We need to help them find it BEFORE they explode in a mass murder and shoot a bunch of people before killing themselves. This can be done. We need to do it. This is not just one more evil that he will have to live with. This is something that will destroy us all unless we bring it under control- and soon. We cannot live with this. Period. It is incompatible with the survival of democracy and democratic values. This is the message that needs to be communicated.

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