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United by Grief

This is a spiritual black hole eating up the soul of America. Every time a child gets killed in a shooting and another mother and father become members of this ghastly club, the black hole grows that much larger. Our society and our way of life cannot survive this. Every time I see a mother and a young child walking together, I think another potential recruit for Nicole Hockley's terrible club. Every parent of a school-aged child is at risk for becoming a member of her club and once you are in, you are in for life. If our democracy is to survive, we have to put an end to these mass shootings because no one should have to live with this kind of spiritual despair hanging over their heads. We can not let faith be destroyed like this. We need to take immediate action to prevent these shootings from happening by giving these shooters alternatives to violence when the only three doors you can walk through are marked loser, suicide, or active shooter. There is no reason for them not to commit these twisted crimes and add more recruits to the terrible club that nobody wants to be part of. We will not survive spiritually as a nation if we do not do this.

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