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About Aurora

Another day, another massacre. This was a classic workplace shooting. A man who had worked 15 years and about to be terminated, he was a human time bomb going to go down shooting. He was a very angry man with several convictions of domestic violence. The working world must be prepared for the possibility that a human time bomb could be one of your employees. Terminating these people is usually not a good option. If you terminate them, they no longer have a reason not to explode. You should always try to give them a line of retreat, an alternative to violence. You should try to hook them up with a better way to live. Most of these people do not know any other way to deal with their problems than through violence. When they get pushed to the wall then this is what they will respond with. We need to create programs to help these people with alternatives to violence. If you must terminate such an employee, you need to be prepared for the possibility even the probability that he will explode. You need to take precautions against that. For people in Aurora were completely unaware of this. They paid a grim price.

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