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A Nationwide Campaign Against Hate

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Hate is on the rise and we need to stop it. Most of the people who are filled with hate can do a lot better than that, we just need to give them a chance to do good things. These people need to be given the opportunity to highlight their potential, and we as a society need to encourage and nurture this potential. A lot of haters sink into despair and depression, which further leads them down a dark road. I could have been one of those people. I grew up in a home where people denied their problems and where there was no possibility of learning how to foster good emotional intelligence skills. I was headed down a bad road but eventually, I got connected with a wonderful group of people who taught me a better way of living. I could’ve gone down the road of hate, but I didn’t. And that’s what we need to do on a larger scale - stop people from going down a bad path. Ultimately, we need a nationwide campaign against hate. We have to let people know that hate is not the way to go. However, we first need to hire professionals who can help us understand why people hate. Then, we can find ways to help these people become caring and competent. To do this, we need emotional intelligence specialists, psychologists, violence prevention advocates, historians, and public speakers - we need a number of different disciplines to help steer this campaign. Finally, we have to show people that there are better alternatives available. Hate does not equal power; it can only lead to destruction. And hate can never build anything good, only kindness and compassion can. We need teams of trained professionals to talk to people and lecture them, telling them about the consequences of hate and showing them how they can do better. We all have the potential to do something better than going down the road of hate. I would’ve gone down that road, but fortunately, I was able to learn a multitude of beneficial skills through my mentor. Because of that, I have been able to hone in on my best aspects and help people through my advocacy work. I want my story to inspire others and show people that there are better alternatives than just hate - anyone can cultivate the skills they need in order to be successful and accomplish things. I also think that we as a society need to become more compassionate. When we go down the road of love, care, kindness, and respect, people are given the chance to thrive and truly be happy. So overall, we need more compassion and we need a widespread campaign against hate. We can’t just have small talk here and there - we need a true, nationwide effort that spans from coast to coast. We need action. Action against hate. And the way to do that is to show people the alternatives and let them know that that they can do better so that everyone can fulfill their highest potential.

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