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Compassion, Not Bullying

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Bullying can have major emotional and psychological effects on people. It destroys the soul, a person’s sense of self-worth, and their self-esteem. Most people have no idea what bullying does to others; they need to understand just how severe it can be. We need to take action to stop bullies, and we need to let the people being bullied know that they should get psychological help. They need to find people who are on their side, who can stand up for them, and who can help stop the bullying. If you see bullying, intervene. You don’t have to start a fight; just walk over and ask the person who is being bullied if they are okay. Tell them that you are there for them. Go over and take action. Bullying destroys people emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. And this is true for all types of bullying – physical, verbal, emotional, and even cyberbullying. We need to become an anti-bullying society; we need to become compassionate. We need to let people know that they are cared for and protected. If you see bullying taking place, let the bully know that what they are doing is wrong, and let the bullied person know you are on their side. We need to take action against bullying because we simply cannot live with its effects. It destroys too many people and has a terrible effect on our society. We have to care for each other. If you are being bullied, you should always go for help. And if one person doesn’t help you, try to find someone else who can help you deal with it. If you are a student, tell your teacher or parents. And if you are a parent of a child who is being bullied, make every effort to get help, even if you have to threaten to sue the school. It’s worth it to help your child. Be a good person. Be kind, caring, and compassionate. Stand up for others. The world is not about bullying, it’s about helping people. You’re never going to get anywhere by bullying. And if you see somebody getting mistreated or being bullied, take action. Try to help that person as much as possible. Do whatever you can. You can’t stop bullying as a whole all by yourself, but you can help make a difference in somebody’s life.

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