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How Do We Stop Our Losers From Killing Our Winners?

How do we stop our losers from killing our winners? This is a terrible problem. There are a lot of people out there who are hopelessly incompetent at living their lives. They commit criminal offenses, can’t keep a roof over their head, and end up on the streets filled with hate and anger, knowing they have no future. They try to fight the fact that they have no future, try to deny it, but deep down, they know. Then they see somebody who has everything – a winner – someone who is competent, capable, and able to make society a better place. That fills them with rage and hate and all too often, they kill. That’s what happened in New York City a couple of weeks ago. A 35-year old Asian woman named Christina Yuna Lee was a total winner and she was murdered. She had a college degree from Rutgers, had done video work for Marriott and several other agencies, was employed as a senior producer of a digital musical company, and was a leader and advocate in the Asian community. This woman was definitely making a difference. However, a few weeks ago, she went home to her Chinatown apartment at 4:30am and was so out of it that she didn’t even know somebody was following. When she got inside, she forgot to lock her door and went straight to her bathtub. That’s when a guy came in, pulled out a knife, and killed her by stabbing her 40 times. He tried to flee down the fire escape, but the police caught him. This guy was 25-years old and was a total loser with no future. He was homeless, living on the streets, and was out on bond for repeated criminal offenses. There has recently been an effort to reduce the number of black people being incarcerated by reducing the bail requirement, but it has been very ill planned; I don’t think officials properly consider the danger involved. A lot of bad people are getting out, this guy being one of them. He got out on bond and killed that woman in her bathtub. The Asian community in Chinatown is absolutely devastated and they’re demanding an end to the bail reform that let him out.

Total losers keep killing total winners. They can’t hold jobs and don’t know how to live competent lives. Most of them probably grew up in very chaotic homes involving drug abuse or physical abuse; they grew up being totally helpless in a society that demands a high skill level. They know they have no future and they get angry when they see winners who have good, wonderful lives ahead of them. Losers have no future other than violence. Violence is the only power they have and if you only have one power, you’re probably going to use it. Unfortunately, there’s only one thing you can do with the power of violence – kill – and that’s exactly what these people do. How do we stop these losers from killing winners? How do we help people who are socially incompetent? How do we help them before they explode and kill others? Our whole democratic way of life is at stake because nobody is going to fight for a society that cannot protect people from being killed. A democracy that cannot protect its people from mass murder is quite simply a failed democracy, and when democracy fails, crazy people come to power and a right-wing authoritarian system will take over.

What should we do about this? First of all, we have to realize that angry people are the problem. They are losers and they need to learn to become winners. We have to teach skills about how to get jobs, how to stay off the streets, how to get housing, and how to get along with other people. We have to give them full-scale treatments and restructure their lives from the bottom up. This is going to be very intensive work that will require a highly skilled environment managed by people who really understand what their problems are. Simply giving these people medication isn’t going to work; these people need to have their entire skillset overhauled and improved. We also need to fight against hate and tell people that hate does not make a great nation. Hate and violence may be peoples’ only power, but it will destroy them in the end. They need to acquire better resources than hate or power of a gun or knife. We need to find better ways to solve our problems. We’re not going to last much longer if we don’t fight against hate because American democracy will die and be replaced by an authoritarian system. No one wants that, so we need to find a way to prevent losers from killing winners.

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