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Is This a World We Want Our Children Growing Up In?

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

What do we need to do to stop mass murder sprees from taking place? Just a day or so ago in Phoenix, Arizona, there was a mass shooting at a nightclub where one person was killed and six were wounded. What kind of society is this? You can’t go anywhere nowadays without getting shot. Is this the kind of world we want our children growing up in? Hate is running rampant. This shouldn’t be happening, so we need to make sure everyone understands that hate is wrong. No matter how justified you think your hate is, no matter how strongly you feel about it, and no matter how necessary you may think it is to hate the enemy in order to win, hate is still wrong. It can never accomplish anything. We can never come to terms with people if we insist on demonizing them. That’s why it’s hard for liberals and conservatives to get along, because they are taught to hate one another. They are constantly being fed incorrect information about the other group and thus, it is hard for them to be cordial with one another. We need to teach people that it’s okay not to agree with other peoples’ philosophies and ideologies, but it does no good to hate them. We must recognize this if we want to become a better society. I’ve seen so many talks and shows where people humiliate Trump, but the fact is, it does no good to hate him, even if he has done a lot to justify that hatred. People need to understand that they can solve their problems without hate, that they can sit down and talk to one another and realize that the other person isn’t as bad as they originally thought they were. This should be the goal of our campaign against hate, to get people to stop fighting each other and demonizing them. This should not be how we are as a society. We should care about people, respect them, love them, and want to make America better. You cannot build a better country with hate. Stalin tried to build a better union with hate, but that didn’t lead to anything good. And Hitler believed he could build a better Germany by getting rid of Jews and killing them off, but that didn’t lead to anything good, either. We need to learn from their mistakes. When you hate, you’re hurting yourself, your country, and the world as a whole. Hate is the road to ruin and destruction and ultimately, it destroys the soul. Maybe you were brought up in a home where there was a lot of force and violence. Maybe you couldn’t talk to people and reason things out. Or maybe you had to learn how to lie to avoid severe punishment. If you grew up in any of these types of households, you have my sympathy, but those are not the skills and lessons you should be spreading. Our country cannot run off of rumors and propaganda. We need to turn away from hate and instead, we need to sit down and talk to people. We don’t have to agree with them, but we do need to listen. And once people realize that others aren’t as bad as they think they are, they can begin to negotiate and reach agreement. I think we can honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s memory by building the kind of world he would want it to be. I think he would have been horrified to see some of the events that are happening today. He most certainly would’ve spoken out against them and said that hate and mass murder are not the way to go. So let’s honor him by trying to make this world a better and less violent place.

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