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Strategy for Defeating the Dark World

In order to defeat the dark world, we must first realize that hate is our primary enemy. Violence has become so prevalent in recent years and I think the reason is because movements like the feminist movement, civil rights movement, disability rights movement, and gay rights movement have broken down a stable system. They of course have opened the door of opportunity to a great deal of people in a previously discriminatory society, but the unintended consequence is that it broke down an old, stable system and never quite succeeded in putting a new one in place. People now feel like violence is legitimate and that they can shoot people and get away with it. Now that the old system has been broken down, there’s been a lot more trauma and abuse and many kids are ready to act out on that. That plus the level of political polarization we are currently facing has created an emotion and social vacuum. Violence has stepped in to fill that vacuum. What are we supposed to do about this?

First of all, we have to understand that hate is our primary enemy. Next, we need to have a nationwide campaign against hate on all levels. We need leaders to step up and tell everyone that hate and violence are not justified and that we can build something better in its place. We can have a system that’s non-discriminatory and gives freedom to those who were left out in the old system - gay people, women, disabled people, etc. We can give these people freedom and opportunity and not have violence. We don’t need to go back to the old, bad way of doing things in order to restore social stability; we can build a freer, more equitable and inclusive system in its place. In order to do this, we need a great nationwide conference involved in fighting violence, and the president needs to give one single mandate: do whatever needs to be done to stop violence. If this doesn’t happen, we’re not going to survive because people will start accepting anything if they think it’ll make a more livable society. We can’t go on in a society where 28 school shootings happen every year; that’s just going to break our democracy completely. We need to draw people from all sectors and have a gathering where we can all attempt to stop violence.

Another thing we need is more educational classes. We need to have classes for parents as well for children who live in chaotic homes and lack the skills needed to live in society. Back in the old days, it didn’t matter if you grew up in a bad home, there were still plenty of jobs and options available to you. Nowadays, you need skills to function in an inclusive society and if you don’t have them, you’re probably going to turn to violence. We need to teach people how to do well in an inclusive society by showing them how to foster good emotional skills and teaching them about love and compassion. We also need classes for parents so we can teach them how to raise children properly. It seems like many parents don’t know how to do so. In all, these are the things we need if we want to keep living in the inclusive society that we have so painfully built. Finally, we need responsible gun control. It’s crazy how anyone can go out and buy a gun whenever they want and kill people.

In conclusion, here are some strategies we need to defeat the dark world. First, we need to concentrate on hate as our primary enemy. Next, we need a nationwide campaign against hate and have a conference of people from all blocks of society so we can stop violence. Finally, we need classes for parents and kids on emotional intelligence, conflict management, and compassion. This needs to be our strategy for defeating the dark world because we cannot continue living in a society where every day, new communities are being traumatized by another mass shooting.

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