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The Incel of Plymouth, England

Mass shootings in England are rare, but a terrible one took place in Plymouth, England last week. The perpetrator was a 22-year old incel who lived with his mother. He hated women and got radicalized when he joined an incel website, a website for guys who are unable to get women and blame women for it. The perpetrator said he couldn’t understand why girls wouldn’t go out or have sex with him and got very angry about it. His mother became upset over his radicalization and tried to get help for him from the National Health Service (NHS). However, when she went to them, they said they didn’t have the staff to deal with him. So he continued to live with his mother and sank deeper into total despair until one day, he said there was no future for him, he wasn’t going to let women get away with not giving him sex, and he was going to be a terminator. Sadly, that’s what he became. His gun license had previously been revoked but was given back to him after he had completed an anger management course. What a terrible mistake. He went on a shooting spree and first killed his mother. He then went outside and killed a man and his 3-year old daughter who were taking a walk in the neighborhood. After that, he went down to a park and shot more people. In total, he killed five innocent people. When the cops came for him, he killed himself. This is considered to be England’s worse mass murder in over a decade.

As I said, this guy had become radicalized when he went joined that incel website and talked to men who were like him and couldn’t get girls. Incels blame women and feel like they owe them sex, but because these guys aren’t getting any, they become angry. In a way, I can sympathize with these men, but the difference between me and them is that I don’t blame women and don’t feel like they owe me anything. The guys on these websites are walking time bombs and sooner or later, they’re going to explode. We need to make a societal effort to help them because they are dangerous to all of us, especially women. These guys are also at high risk of becoming white nationalists. In fact, many of them probably arewhite nationalists and if they ever come to power, it will be the end of women’s rights because they really believe that women should be their slaves. The incel movement is very dangerous and we need to do something about it. We certainly shouldn’t allow these men to have weapons. England made a huge mistake in giving that guy his gun license back because he was them able to carry out a massacre. We need to make an effort to reach out to these people and set up clinics staffed by professionals who know how to deal with men like this. Ideally, they would be staffed by people like me who know what it’s like to be an incel and can talk to them in a way they understand. The average psychiatrist might not be able to get through to these guys, but I think somebody like me might be able to because I, too, have had no experience with women. These incels are highly dangerous. If you take a look at incel websites, you’d be repulsed by what you see. They are dripping with hatred for women and describe women in the most awful terms. These men sink deeper and deeper into that paranoid way of thinking until finally they explode and start killing people. To prevent this, we need to have better mental health care. If these guys are given the skills they need to get a girlfriend, that might make a difference. I can empathize with the guy in England; I don’t empathize with what he did, but I can empathize with the problems he faced. Not being able to have a relationship with a girl is hard on any guy. Having a girlfriend, marring someone, and raising a family is so fundamental for helping men. We need to pass laws that require incels to get help, which may be seen as a violation of civil rights, but given the enormity of the danger they hold to themselves and to society, I think it’s justified. We need set up clinics and staff it with people who truly understand these men and can help them respect women. If we don’t do this, these men are going to sink deeper and deeper into their anger and rage and continue thinking that women are deliberately conspiring against them to withhold sex from them. If these men explode, society is going to come crashing down. We won’t have any more rights and our lives might be at stake. It’ll be some kind of right-wing revolution and these incels will be at the top of the ladder. We don’t want to wake up one morning realizing that they hold power over us. Let’s make a change to stop them.

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