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The Proud Boys

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

The Proud Boys is a far-right, male-only group that promotes violence and hate. They represent the opposite of compassion, love, and respect. If you have been taught good social skills, how to get along with people, and how to respect and help others, you’re not going to end up like the Proud Boys. You’ve been taught a better way to live. We need to set up a place to help people from socially and emotionally disadvantaged homes. If someone comes from a home where people get angry a lot, say cruel things, and don’t know how to be a kind person or problem solve, they’re not going to have a good life. They’re ultimately going to get very angry. And when people get angry, they can become a danger to others. They might explode or they might become a criminal. One way or another, we’re going to pay for it. Our schools and our society need to set up programs to help the emotionally and socially disadvantaged in order to help teach them that hate is not the way to go. Hate does not make a nation great. Hate does not make an individual great. It will just lead to destruction.

Ignorance can be a dangerous act. We need to be a more knowledgeable society. We need to teach compassion and kindness. If you’re a happy person and have good social skills, then you’re probably going to have a good life ahead of you. You’re not going to join a movement like the Proud Boys. I know what it’s like to come from that kind of background. Growing up, I had a very critical grandmother who was not too happy to see me because I was an illegitimate child. My mother had a love affair with a married man in Germany and I was the product of that. My grandmother knew that, but I didn’t find out until much later. My grandmother was never that happy to see me around; I had low self-esteem over it. You can’t learn what you need to get through in life with that kind of background. So I know where a lot of these Proud Boys are coming from. I came from the same environment. I could’ve ended up the same way they did, but I didn’t. Mostly because I got the help I needed. So here I am and here they are. Though I do wish I was given social instructions on how to date and how to be cool. I spent most of my time at home. I never went out with the guys, never did those kinds of things. If I would’ve gotten help earlier, I might’ve had a much better life. I might even have a wife and kids. You never know. Overall, our society is failing people by not providing social skills and compassion.

In all, here’s what I want you to take away from this. Hate does not make a nation great. Hate can only destroy a nation. There are better ways to go. You can have a better life than hate. No matter who you are, you can have a better life. You don’t want to live your life with hate. It affects more than just yourself.

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