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The Need for Social Responsibility

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Even though COVID-19 is ever-present, there are still people walking around without a mask on. They might think they won’t get sick, or if they do, they think they’ll be okay. However, if they do test positive for COVID, they can pass it on to others who might get very sick from it. We need to remember to be responsible, caring, and compassionate. Just because you might not get sick from COVID doesn’t mean others won’t. COVID-19 is very dangerous, but it doesn’t hit everyone equally. Some people suffer very minor symptoms, while others die from it. You can get COVID. You might not die from it, but you might expose it to somebody else who will. So be responsible. Protect yourself and protect others. Don’t walk around without a mask on and don’t go to big indoor gatherings. In El Paso, there’s a hospital where the sickest COVID-19 patients are put into a room called The Pit and given no care at all. The doctors don’t come into contact with them because they’re afraid of getting the virus themselves. It’s sad how the sickest people are just put in there to die. You don’t want to go like that. You don’t want to have a doctor consign you to a room where you know you’re going to die. But the hospital has to do this because they don’t have the resources to treat everybody; they have to focus on the people they can help, which leaves them to pretty much abandon the ones they can’t. We need to be aware of things like this that are happening in the world. Overall, be responsible. Have empathy and compassion for others. Don’t endanger people. These are the types of things we have to relearn in order to become a better society. Wear a mask. Protect yourself and others. You can get COVID; you can get sick. It can happen to you and your loved ones. Think about other people and wear a mask to try to keep everyone safe. Don’t be the cause of someone else’s misfortune.

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