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Autism & Disability Advocacy  


Disability Ambassador 

As advocates, we need to talk to people and tell them what we need, why we need it and how it will benefit them to give it to us. I’ve met with several state representatives  in Sacramento and I tell them what our story is, who we are and what we’re all about. 


Motivational Speaker

I enjoy being a speaker because I can help change attitudes and beliefs, convey information to people, talk about compassion and why it’s so important. II enjoyed giving the commencement address to  the Los Angeles Unified School District students and speaking at an autism conference at Martin Luther University in Germany.

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Advocacy Teacher

I teach advocacy, Person-Centered planning, and I talk about compassion and respect. People who don’t initially appear to be capable might be very capable. People are speaking out and becoming more outgoing, and they’re responding better to people,”

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Easterseals Ambassador 

 As an ambassador for Easterseals, Howard advocates on behalf of himself and others with disabilities, and serves as a motivational speaker to share his experiences with autism, disability advocacy and emotional intelligence. He has worked alongside the Easterseals since 2007 as a member of the Lanterman Regional Center Board of Directors and then as Chairperson for their Client Advisory Committee. In addition to talking to elected officials and speaking at conferences on behalf of Easterseals, Howard teaches an advocacy class to ESSC Adult Day Services participants.

Howard delivers messages from the heart – there’s nothing scripted and that’s why it really impacts people. Whatever the topic is, he hits the nail on the head. His experience and knowledge make him a great teacher. He really focuses on the individuals understanding themselves first and then advocating for others. He gets the best out of people.

Brian Nyugen, ADS Program Director


Voter        Advocacy 

Interview with

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